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Frazine Distributors today changed the face of personal and of mobile computing when it began selling unlocked GSM TransPhones.

A TransPhone is an unlocked Android GSM smartphone which transforms into a fully connected tablet.

A TransPhone is a smartphone which transforms into a tablet when it slides into its TransPad. 

A TransPhone consists of:

  • The TransPhone itself - which is an unlocked GSM Android smartphone with a 3.5” high resolution 800 x 480 capacitive multi-touch screen. The phone offers all the usual benefits of any modern Android smartphone such as orientation changing, GPS, front and rear cameras, video etc.
  • The TransPad – which is TransPhone’s docking tablet. The TransPad does not have the CPU (Central Processing Unit), memory, operating system and Wifi and 3G electronics in it that an ordinary tablet requires in order to function.

Only TransPhones can be used with TransPads

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